Coffee Art – The Latest Trends

Coffee Art - The Latest TrendsCoffee is not only for drinking! You would discover that fact when you order a latte from a unique café shop, and if you are lucky; you would get your favorite drink with an art drawing on the surface of your cup! And that is called Coffee art.

Certain art galleries show some unique or special kinds of arts, and one of these kinds is drawing with coffee liquids, you can watch a remake of a famous portrait with this kind of drawing, many artists tend to make this kind of drawing, despite it is unordinary method, and it would take a lot of efforts and time, but probably it is not an issue when an artist perform his skills to present a really good piece of significant art.

On this article we show you some works regarding the Coffee art and coffee drawing, as they are the latest trends offered by the coffee artists these days.

  • Coffee Art:

Coffee Art

Coffee art also known as latte art is a complex and very detailed kind of beverages arts, it requires a professional barista who has a lot of patience and high attention to details.

We cannot precisely indicate the origin of the latte art, we passed through a record indicates it was performed on the 80s of the 20th century by the American David Schomer, but on the same decade there was other performers in Europe, just like the Italian Luigi Lupi, at least we know for sure it is either an Italian or American Heritage art, as both of the two cultures are very dedicated to coffee, even with their difference ways and behaviors towards coffee beverages.

  • Kitty latte art:

Kitty latte art

Nothing is sweeter than seeing those little kittens on the surface of your latte cup, you would even hesitate to drink your favorite coffee with these little creatures!

  • A Plant Latte art:

A Plant Latte art

This is one of the most famous works of this kind of art, a barista can make you these cup with pouring the right quantity of milk into the coffee, and many cafés present this image to their customers nowadays.

  • The Swan:

The Swan

This style is one of the latest styles made on this kind of art, despite it is a hard thing to do, but still it gives you a brilliant view!

  • Written words:

Written words

Despite the effect made by your cup of coffee, an extra feeling you would get by reading the written words on the surface of your cup, words like SMILE or BE HAPPY have a positive effect on the cup drinker.

  • Henna Latte:

Henna Latte

The famous Arabian art is applicable on the coffee art too! There are many contests which were made on Arabian countries like The UAE, proving that the Arabian touch finally came to the coffee art!

  • Drawing with Coffee:

Drawing with Coffee

  • Portraits:


This is the most famous style among drawing with coffee styles, we often see them in art galleries, and many artists can draw a custom portrait for persons, and the results are awesome!

  • Doodle Drawings:

Doodle Drawings

This artist makes unique kinds of drawing, one of them is Coffee drawings, as you can see in the picture, a huge effort with specialized details are applied within this piece of art.

  • Coffee painting:

Maybe it is unusual type of painting, but if you want to go on with this experience, we have present this tutorial video for you, with full details and steps, so enjoy the fun.

How to Make a Coffee Painting?