The Most Iconic Desserts of the Last 100 Years

The Most Iconic Desserts of the Last 100 YearsA dessert is a traditional dish that exists on the table of modern civilization on all the places all over the world, we like desserts, furthermore we enjoy eating desserts, it is a life joy!

That is why human invented and keep inventing various types of desserts, as the methods and tools are advancing, we find new types of this dish in our hands.

And like everything, desserts making and cooking had a huge advancing on the last century, and more to come on the new century as we live on.

And with the advancing of communication and its technologies, we can make any kind of desserts we want in our kitchens, and all the gratitude goes to the Internet, and the people who are presenting cooking recipes for all the people of the world.

On the same time there are some kinds of known and iconic desserts, which are spreading all over the world, you would find these types on any table or menu all over the world, these types are considered iconic because they taste good, some of them are easy and affordable for any ordinary kitchen to make, and also they are attached to certain events such as weddings or birthday parties and the list goes on.

Let us take a closer look on the most iconic dessert of the last 100 years.

  • The black forest Cake:

The black forest Cake

The black forest cake was invented originally on the 70s of the 20th century, the German people made us a unique cake, very recommended to the people with sweet tooth, and it is containing many delicious ingredients, this dessert is considered as a separate meal itself, a wonderful recipe for a birthday party, or a great breakfast with a cup of fresh juice or a hot drink.

This cake is presented through many patisseries stores all over the world, and it has all the rights to be called an iconic dessert.

  • The Trifle:

The Trifle

Do not be surprised if you walk into a patisserie in a northern African country, and you find the trifle cups are available for you to buy, the English recipe made a huge success all over the world, it is a joyfully good dessert, most likable by children, and it is easy to make and can be made with many kinds of sweet and natural ingredients.

  • Cupcakes:


The American cuisine presented a lot of recipes to the world, and one of its most remarkable sweet recipe is the cupcake dessert, the iconic thing about this kind of dessert that it is affordable and easy to make, and can be made with many varieties such as fruits, chocolate, vanilla, and many more.

Maybe this recipe is not originally invented on the last century, but many methods developed all over the past 100 years on making this dessert more delicious and better, although on the last decades, we have seen the manufacturing of cupcakes by famous trademarks, and anyone was able to buy them from an ordinary grocery store.

  • The Jelly dessert:

The Jelly dessert

The beauty of the jelly dessert lies within its usage, it can be eaten as a single dessert, or it can be mixed as an ingredient to make other desserts.

Jelly desserts appeared first on the 60s of the 20th century, and it was developed through the years into many kind of sweets and products.

  • Sweet Crêpes:

Sweet Crêpes

Crêpes are a traditional French dish, which has many dessert recipes, but the most iconic one is the sweet crêpes recipes.

Crêpes are not only sweet but they are a joy to eat, it can mixed with natural ingredients such as fruits, or a certain amount of ice cream can be added to its surface, many western and eastern cuisines have their own recipes of this dessert, but still; you would not want to miss the taste of the French one!

  • Sweet Puddings:

Sweet Puddings

This is a common dessert type all over the world, most of the patisseries are offering pudding dessert now, this is also can be served as a whole dish, or it can be added to other sweets as an ingredient.