The Secret of Espresso

the secret of espresso

Coffee is a primary material in many people`s lives, a small cup of good coffee can enhance your day, as there are many types of coffee which make a joy for a coffee drinker, you would enjoy marking the taste of a special ingredient, the smell of a well-made coffee recipe, and of course the refreshment feeling you would get after drinking your favorite cup of coffee.

Espresso is the king of all coffee beverages, yet it is not simple to make a good cup of espresso, as there are many facts behind that tasty cup, espresso makers taught us with some tips and advices regarding every component that is used to make a fine good cup of espresso, let us take a closer look together on these advices.

  • The beans:

The main ingredient of this beverage, if you are an espresso fan, then you ought to try many types of coffee beans, coffee beans are variable and each has a unique taste within, so you ought to choose carefully.

The darker the beans are, the more powerful taste they can give you, also the fresh roasted beans are much better than the stored one, so you ought to choose well based on the beans` type, the color, and the production`s date.

  • The water:

Every beverage that includes water must have a good type of water within, and an espresso cup needs a good fresh water within, filtered water is so recommended on making espresso beverages.

  • The grinder:

A good grinding tool / machine is recommended, if you want to grind your own beans, choose a tool with the ability to squash your beans quickly and to turn it into thick kind of powder.

  • The machine:

Besides the ordinary methods of making the espresso, a machine is most recommended, as it saves you a lot of time and efforts, comparing to the ordinary ways, but do not pick up any type of machines, always seek a good machine with an affordable price, if you are a home barista; then a small machine with a high quality will do the trick.

But if you are a café owner, you ought to buy a good type of machine even with its high price, to deliver you a high quality espresso, that would have a positive impact on your café`s customers, especially if you want to gain a good reputation on making coffee beverages.

  • The quantities / the temperature:

Measure your ingredients well, also pay attention to the temperature, a good cup of espresso can be affected by these two factors, considering these two facts you would prevent a bad taste espresso or a watery espresso beverage.