The Secret of Espresso

the secret of espresso

Coffee is a primary material in many people`s lives, a small cup of good coffee can enhance your day, as there are many types of coffee which make a joy for a coffee drinker, you would enjoy marking the taste of a special ingredient, the smell of a well-made coffee recipe, and of course the refreshment feeling you would get after drinking your favorite cup of coffee.

Espresso is the king of all coffee beverages, yet it is not simple to make a good cup of espresso, as there are many facts behind that tasty cup, espresso makers taught us with some tips and advices regarding every component that is used to make a fine good cup of espresso, let us take a closer look together on these advices. Continue reading

Coffee Art – The Latest Trends

Coffee Art - The Latest TrendsCoffee is not only for drinking! You would discover that fact when you order a latte from a unique café shop, and if you are lucky; you would get your favorite drink with an art drawing on the surface of your cup! And that is called Coffee art.

Certain art galleries show some unique or special kinds of arts, and one of these kinds is drawing with coffee liquids, you can watch a remake of a famous portrait with this kind of drawing, many artists tend to make this kind of drawing, despite it is unordinary method, and it would take a lot of efforts and time, but probably it is not an issue when an artist perform his skills to present a really good piece of significant art. Continue reading

The Most Iconic Desserts of the Last 100 Years

The Most Iconic Desserts of the Last 100 YearsA dessert is a traditional dish that exists on the table of modern civilization on all the places all over the world, we like desserts, furthermore we enjoy eating desserts, it is a life joy!

That is why human invented and keep inventing various types of desserts, as the methods and tools are advancing, we find new types of this dish in our hands.

And like everything, desserts making and cooking had a huge advancing on the last century, and more to come on the new century as we live on.

And with the advancing of communication and its technologies, we can make any kind of desserts we want in our kitchens, and all the gratitude goes to the Internet, and the people who are presenting cooking recipes for all the people of the world. Continue reading